Our Company is Different

We want to get better

We believe that if you want a company that deeply understands and cares about its clients, then you need to deeply care about your employees. You need to be careful whom you hire, treat them right, and invest time in their growth.

We need our teams to spend every dollar of our clients like it was their own. We don’t hire headhunters or recruiters to find new employees and prefer to seek out people through an informal network of colleagues and friends.

We believe it is important to openly air disagreements in order to best test each other’s logic and to view discovering weaknesses as a good thing that leads us to improvement and innovation.

We seek meaningful work and meaningful relationships with our clients and employees. We take a ”partners, not clients’ approach to business and believe that by helping our clients become better educated in digital marketing that we are able to consistently deliver better outcomes.

“Our best efforts are collaborative”

In a world full of radical change we seek practical and proven solutions to marketing problems. We fundamentally believe that creating excellent outcomes requires setting ambitious targets, deeply understanding our clients business, pursuing radical transparency, delivering superior service, and relentlessly asking ‘why?’.

Our values reflect those of a company started by people who share a wonder for the world we live in. For us, at Gallantway a love of beautiful places requires meaningful participation in an effort to preserve them.

From our beaches to our streams, we know that a byproduct of the way we operate – from creating paper reports to the PC’s we use – creates pollution in these areas. 

This is why one of our cornerstone values is to lead the way for socially responsible agencies and to ensure future generations can experience the same sense of wonder.

Managing Director
Matthew J. Malcolm

Join Our Team

We’re always looking for motivated people to join us.

We’re especially interested if you share our love of the outdoors, our passion for outstanding service and our desire to get better.