High growth performance marketing with BrickX





Sydney, Australia


Backed by National Australia Bank’s and Westpac’s venture capital funds, BrickX is helping deal with the high cost of housing for millennials and providing alternative investment entry points to the property market.

“It’s hard to find a digital marketing partner that understands our business and can consistently deliver growth. We’ve been impressed by the team’s professionalism and relentless drive to help us reach our targets.”
– Andrew Balint, Chief Marketing Officer

The BrickX platform enables consumers to buy and sell very small stakes in residential properties. The platform invests in properties through trusts, which are then split into 10,000 units, or “bricks,” and sold to investors, from less than $100 a brick.

BrickX approached Gallantway needing a strategic high-growth digital marketing partner to accelerate their online customer acquisition.

“The team at Gallantway are awesome. Within the first 10 days of working with them, we’ve seen a noticeable step-change in customer acquisition and can already see the long-term benefits of their creativity, strategic thinking and approach to growth.”
– Jennifer Snell, Head of Acquisition and Customer Marketing

Alongside the team at BrickX, Gallantway developed and began executing a performance marketing strategy that has helped increase customer acquisition across several online channels.

Find out more about BrickX by visiting brickx.com and contact Gallantway to learn more about how we can help your business.