How performance marketing helps Property Providers make their customers more valuable

For Australia’s most flexible rental expert Property Providers, strategic performance marketing is important to the companies long-term strategy and the future commercial success of their business.

Together, we developed and executed a digital marketing strategy that helped the business reduce risk around the way they acquired customers online while increasing the value of customers.

“Partnering with Gallantway has helped us increase the value of our online customers and reduce the risk of relying on other online marketing channels for sales. They have constantly challenged us and created questions for our company that has lead to improvements outside of performance marketing.”
– Don Blinkley, Manager

For businesses who rely on platforms for customers, they often fall mercy to the way these platforms operate.

This can result in unstable marketing channels and consequently revenue streams, constantly changing subscription and advertising models, and limited customer service.

Property Providers approached us to delivered a solution that diversified how they acquired customers online while at the same time being able to grow the value of their existing customers.

Our analysis identified opportunities for the business to compete for customers online in a way that is independent of these large platforms. While at the same time our strategy has enabled continuous optimisation and improvements to grow the value of their online customers.

The solution addressed both scenarios in a cost-effective manner while setting new records for new customers.