How marketing data helps Slindir acquire and better understand their customers




User Growth

California, USA


For dating platform Slindir, marketing data is essential to the companies ongoing platform development, product positioning and to the commercial success of their business.

Together, we developed and executed an online marketing strategy that helped the business measure and understand their customers better in order to create an environment that would grow marketplace liquidity

“Partnering with Gallantway has helped us completely change the way we acquire customers globally. They have been instrumental in helping us understand our opportunities and in executing strategies to grow our platform in cost effective ways.”
– Andrea Miller, Founding Director

For businesses with platform marketplace dynamics, Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC’s) need to be carefully managed as the marketplace needs demand to closely match supply.

For example, acquiring more male users who are seeking female companions required our strategy to also grow the number of female users to meet that demand.

Consideration was also required as to users geography, as many users wanted to find and start conversations with other users in similar locations.

Our solution addressed both scenarios in a cost-effective manner and enabled us to capture and measure user data in order to turn those insights into global user growth.