Meet Charlotte Valente: Head of Marketing at Adshel

Meet Charlotte Valente – Head of Marketing for Adshel

We talked with Charlotte about the history behind Adshel, where outdoor fits into a marketing strategy, and the intersection of digital and outdoor media.

Hello Charlotte, can you tell us a little more about Adshel and what you do?

Hi there, my role at Adshel is to lead their marketing team to the successful delivery of our ‘people centred’ (and somewhat obsessed) Marketing strategy.

Our company Adshel is synonymous with commuter media. We provide valuable urban infrastructure to communities, funded through advertising. We work with advertisers to create show-stopping out-of-home media campaigns that capture the hearts and minds of audiences across all of Australia and New Zealand.

What’s the story behind the company?

Our story all began in 1997, as a joint venture between APN News & Media and Clear Channel International. Since then, we have grown to become the leaders in commuter media across Australia & New Zealand and are today wholly owned and operated by HT&E (Formally APN News & Media).

We partner with over 120 public and private sector city and transport authorities in Australia and New Zealand, and operate more than 22,000 advertising touchpoints across 17,000 individual street furniture assets.

Present in Australia’s six major metro cities and selected regional towns, we continue to grow by partnering with cities, transport authorities and operators to support modern lifestyles and meet the challenges and opportunities of urban growth.

Tell us more about the current strategy for company growth

Sure, it’s  broken up into several pieces.

  • We take an audience-first approach to understanding that what brands buy from Adshel is audiences first and foremost. Growing audience fragmentation and distraction is increasingly making it difficult for brands to navigate the right channels to reach their bullseye audience. Adshel is a provider of audiences and our unique scale allows brands to reach their target audience with precision at broadcast scale.
  • Emulating tier-1 media behaviour – Adshel’s ambition is to be recognised as a tier-1 media partner alongside the likes of Google or Facebook. To achieve this we need to behave like a tier-1, which is why we are leading through-leadership discussions and initiatives beyond our own medium and platforms to directly benefit the communities we connect.
  • Creating deeper partner engagement – Our clients are time-poor and changing audience behaviour and attitudes have disrupted what they know. We understand the value we can add to help our clients navigate this constant change.

I see, can you share some of the latest challenges in your market?

Like many of our clients, our biggest challenge is keeping up with the pace of change.

The landscape, audience attitudes and behaviours, the data that informs us of location and movement, is constantly evolving and providing new insights.

The trick will be to keep it simple because this avalanche of new-found knowledge can lead us to over complicate our business models and lose sight of why brands buy us.

Tell us about these world firsts you and the team have launched recently

Over the last 18 months, Adshel’s marketing team have managed to launch four world firsts!

Among these was the world’s first National digital street furniture network and the world’s first research study that proved contextually relevant messages were more effective (19% more effective).

What are your thoughts on the opportunities in marketing for an organisation?

The evolution of resources and tools we have at our disposal has opened up so many new opportunities for marketers.

Marketing is now, more than ever, central to any organisation. As such, it is pivotal that Marketing teams collaborate with their peers, sales teams, suppliers and clients seamlessly. After all, anyone in the organisation has the ability to be advocates for the organisation.

With the increasing tools, particularly in the field of data, available to us, marketers now need to find balance. Evaluating what’s right for the brand(s) and keeping it simple, integrating the old with the new.

Consumers are exposed to a lot of noise and brands have to be bold and disruptive to be noticed.

It is not about shouting louder, it is about being smarter and not losing sight of who your audience is and what turns them on and off.

Lastly, we need to be agile and passionate. Passion enables us to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and advocate them from the inside of our business. It is not always comfortable, it requires confidence and courage, but in the end, passion determines whether or not a marketer is successful.

Tell us how you think out-of-home fits into a marketing strategy?

Out-of-home has always been a broadcast medium. As other broadcast mediums continue to fragment, out-home audiences are growing. Add digital capabilities and the data opportunities that are available to profile audiences by location, attitudes and behaviours and you get broadcast reach with precision targeting.

Out-of-home comes in many shapes and sizes, in diverse environments. The difference between formats lies in how they are used and the message that informs the audience.

For example, digital formats now allow you to tailor your message to each location, any time of day, to ensure that you are relevant every time. Relevance is key.

A recent neuro research study undertaken by Adshel proved that contextually relevant advertisements delivered 19% greater campaign effectiveness.

What is important when planning an out-of-home campaign?

When planning an out-of-home campaign it’s important to firstly identify the audience you want to reach, understand what turns them on and off and where they are more likely to be found and at different times of the day (live, work, shop and play). Only then, can we fully understand the role out-of-home plays in connecting and influencing these consumers, adapting the right message based on their location, interests and behaviours and the solution best

Only then, can we fully understand the role out-of-home plays in connecting and influencing these consumers, adapting the right message based on their location, interests and behaviours and the solution best suited.

Out-of-home has a role to play along the entire path-to-purchase, but it is important not to lose sight of the role you need it to play in your communication strategy.

Gallantway Digital Marketing Outdoor

What do you see ahead for the future of out-of-home media?

It is a bright future. Out-of-home is in a unique position. Our audiences are growing, consistently, and so too is the innovation in our medium.

We have only just scratched the surface on the possibilities digital offers. The data and insights we can generate from digital formats allow advertisers to connect and engage audiences with relevance at the right time and in the place.

Out-of-home, technology, consumer behaviour and future cityscapes will naturally continue to evolve together.

We believe out-of-home will be one of the very few channels for brands to engage and inspire people both at scale and on a hyper-contextual, personalised level.

Can you give us your perspective on digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is the new norm.

In fact, I think we should cease to use the words ‘digital marketing’ because it is just part of the marketing artillery now.

However, this is not a given. We are all still learning about what the right digital channels are to use and how and why we use them.

It is important that we fully understand our audience and objectives and then identify the right channels, digital or analogue, to use.

Your thoughts on agencies like Gallantway?

The days are not getting any longer, neither is the working week. Instead, we are time-poor and trying to keep up with the speed of change. Measurement of ROI is key yet we (as marketers) are expected to be brave, try something new, the unknown.

We are guilty of sticking with what we know and agencies like Gallantway bring fresh thinking to the table, a new perspective, giving us the confidence to push the boundaries, be different, and where relevant, and most of all – be disruptive.


Thanks for your time Charlotte. If you would like to hear more from Charlotte and the team at Adshel you can follow their blog or drop them a line. You can also contact the team at Gallantway to learn more about performance marketing and how we can help your company.

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